On Saturday  I went to district 3 of Tehran municipality to get their shooting permission. 

When I was there 

I found out  


Such wonderful guys 

Because they don’t have any work to do if someone like us  goes to them, 

they try to be really serious in their work and it's impossible for them to solve your problem quickly. 

They were really kind to me ( and definitely each other) and they sent me to each other lots of times! 

Because they wanted their friends to have something to do! 

Maybe they are mad at you 

But don’t worry, because most of the times they are laughing and joking! With each other! 


After 4 hours walking between different floors from room to room of  district 3 Tehran municipality building  

I gave up and I preferred not to interrupt their laughing and joking plan! 

I’ve done my shooting plan without municipality permission. 

But unfortunately some nights I have a nightmare! 

If something bad (like earthquake or … ) happens in this city! 

How can we handle it with these employees!  ( maybe better to say, jackasses instead of employees) 

But I am pleased. Because if you want to die!  

You don’t need municipality permission. 

Thank you God.