Three years ago, when I was driving down the Shariati street and watching other cars and drivers. 
down the road, there was a roundabout.
I saw a gorgeous girl. she had blond hair, blue eyes and she was slim and in a good figure. In addition, she was driving x6 and she was going up in Shariati. 
come on, Do you know how much it worths?
She was really cute.

Her car had a blue Vehicle registration plate. it means that it was a diplomatic car. Maybe she was from Britain or somewhere like that.
Logically, I fell in love with her.  
Come on, I could have gone to Britain with her.
She wanted to turn down in the roundabout .meanwhile,  I was just dreaming about her.

What should I do?
If I had pushed the break, I wouldn’t have seen her again.
If I hadn’t done that, I would have had an accident
It was a big and hard decision.

To be honest, I didn't do anything
However, I was just watching her and going toward her car! She handled her car very well and I wasn't successful to have an accident with her.
Then she came near to my car and said:” be careful my darling😉” and left.
She left and due to my decision, I am not happy. If I have an opportunity to go back, I will push the gas pedal and will slip to that soft Britain angle hug straightly.

پ.ن: جا داره از همین تریبون از دوستی که زحمت بازنویسی و گرفتن غلطای منو کشید ، کللللی تشکر کنم.