Dear my friend

How are you?

If you want to know about me and what I'm  doing here,I must say: I'm good. Most  of the times, I'm resting on my couch out of my home, infront of the lake and I'm watching birds flying.

What are you doing my friend? Are you still working dawn to dusk to have on average life? 

If you ask me,yes, I have a job here and I have to be there for 8 hours! But I don't have anything to do and most of the time, I read books or watch movies.

Oh,my friend,have you ever heard about hawaii island's interests?

I went there two weeks ago.

You know my friend,it was great.

Jungle and sea collaborate to make a fabulous view.

But,I want to tell you an important truth!

In hawaii,when I was walking in the jungle, I slid and I fell in to the valley!

To be honest! I died that day!

I think,just dead people can say:

I am resting on the couch and seeing lake and ... .

But I don't work and everything is happy and etc.

My dear friend

If you want to rest on the couch and see lake

Just call me

I'd like to see you again!


P.s: here's my new address:

Hell, the couch infront of the melting lake!