I was happily sitting near a tree and watching how time flies. 

Suddenly, I saw a strange man. 

He was walking and carrying a sack. If you listen accurately, you can hear a sack’s sound. I heard laughings sound.  

He was a smile thief and he was carrying a sack full of smiles. I ran to catch him and ask him: how do you steal smiles? 

But he ignored me and continued on his way. I  blocked his way and shouted: what the fuck are you doing? 

But again he continued on his way.   

I got angry 

I asked myself: why doesn't he care about me? 

So, I shouted: bastard! Why don't you see me? 

He just laughed and continued on his way. 

I was getting mad.  

Why he is so relaxed??

While he was walking and singing a song, I punched him and said: 

I really want to know, how and why do you steal smiles? 

Suddenly, I saw my smile in his hand, he put it in his sack an said: See, this way!  

From then to now, I have been a man with no smile!

پ.ن: جا داره از دوستی که زحمت بازنویسی متن رو کشید از همین جا ، کللللی تشکر کنم.